"First, it must be noted that Twitbit's icon is unequivocally awesome. Fortunately, the pleasant experience continues when you actually launch the app."

"The list of iPhone Twitter clients continues to grow. But the ante keeps getting raised... Twitbit, a nice client from High Order Bit, adds something major: push notifications."

"Twitbit is a fantastic Twitter client on the iPhone. [It has] finally made me change my ways and delete Tweetie from my iPhone."

- MacWorld

- Daring Fireball

- MobileCrunch



Note: push notifications and Flickr and Posterous integration are not available in Twitbit Lite. Learn more.


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Use Twitter instead of text messages. A messenger app with instantaneous push notifications.

GPS Tracks

Background location tracking for iPhone.


Brought to you by the fine people at High Order Bit | Twitbit icon and in-app glyphs by icondesign | Tab bar icons provided by Glyphish